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The rarest birds ever seen in Oregon

Oregon, one of the beautiful coastal state in the US. where you can witness the richness of forests, beaches, and mountains. With diverse forests around it, there are some bird species which are rare to spot. They are spotted rarely in Oregon due to changing climatic conditions. Though such species are not common to be seen in Oregon, usually when they migrate through Oregon they can be spotted. It becomes difficult for the birdwatchers to spot some of species of bird in Oregon. Here are some of the rarest birds ever seen in Oregon.

snowy-owl-eyesSnowy Owls

Usually, Snowy Owls are not spotted in Oregon not even during winters. There is a rare sightseeing of the snowy owls in the region. These white birds are spotted during migration across Northern America in the winter season. They are usually spotted in the area which is not surrounded by the trees, prefers open places. Basically, they originate from the tundra region where the human population is less in number as compared to other areas. Snowy Owls are assumed to be afraid of the activities done by a human around them. Better look at them while staying at a distance only, otherwise, it might disturb them. Males are completely white in appearance whereas female snowy owls have black color linings over them. Snowy owls are the most beautiful bird to spot if you get an opportunity.

Upland Sandpiper

It is among the rarest breed seen in Oregon. As the name suggests, it is a tall bird with a thin neck and a small head. It is quite difficult to observe them in the dense forest of Oregon, as they occur rarely. These are often found perching on the pine trees.


Whimbrel is one among the curlew species. It is a shorebird, find near the coastal areas or beaches. It is observed once or twice in a year during the spring season. It is a spring migrant, whenever it migrates through Oregon, it can be spotted. Still, it is rarely available for sightseeing in Oregon.

Semipalmated Sandpipersandpiper-semipalmated

This is the rarely occurring bird species in Oregon. Most of the times semipalmated sandpipers are spotted during fall migration only. They travel in groups, never spotted individually. It is considered to be a rare bird migrating through Oregon in fall. Generally, these birds are found deep inside the coastal bays, alongside the muds and sand.

Black Swift

Generally, Black swifts cannot be located on the ground, they fly high. But due to deforestation, the number of this species has been declined gradually. It has become harder to locate Black Swifts. These are witnessed occasionally. Climate change has adversely impacted their livelihood. With the resulting conditions and difficulties faced by the Black swift, these birds are often difficult to spot in the areas of Oregon.

Though, there are a number of birds who have become rare species and often spotted on rare occasion in the region of Oregon. Generally, the rare birds are spotted while they migrate from one place to another.

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