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Local birdwatching clubs and groups

Looking for local clubs and groups who organize birdwatching events in Portland? This is the page for you. If you’re into the whole ornithology thing, the following are must-meet groups.

Oregon Birding Association

The obvious starting point for the enthusiast of birding in Oregon is the official website of the Oregon Birding Association, the officially-recognized authorities on, well, birds in the state. However, that “association” in the name is important. The OBA’s website is an absolute treasure trove of information on the birdwatching pursuit for the greenest amateur and expert ornithologist alike, and the OBA’s presence at birdwatching events in Oregon is certain to be noticed yet … few events are sponsored by the OBA alone and the organization does not operate like a club.


Audubon Society of Portland – AudubonPortland.org

In Portland an environs, the big city’s Audubon Society chapter is even more ubiquitous than the OBA. Well-known as one of America’s most powerful Audubon Societies, the Portland chapter is the chief organizer, data assessor and cheerleader for the traditional Christmas Bird Watches. Under the Audubon Society’s watch (so to speak), the Bird Counts have gone from interesting holiday pursuit to ecologically beneficial community-based activity. Beyond the group’s conservation efforts are organized trips, classes and group for youngsters and tours of preserves. Good hands-on stuff backed by decent non-profit money.


Other Audubon Society chapters in Oregon

Naturally, Oregon probably leads the U.S. in Audubon Society chapters per capita, with 10 dotting the 36 counties. Audubon Society chapters in Oregon include those of Bend (known as the East Cascades Audubon Society), Corvallis, Grants Pass (the Siskiyou), Klamath Basin, Lane County, Lincoln City, Medford (the Rogue Valley), North Bend (the Cape Arago), Port Orford (the Kalmiopsis) and Roseburg (the Umpqua Valley).

Pendleton Bird Club

The Pendleton Bird Club was founded in 2003, and we for one predict that before too much longer this group will go down as one of the country’s most successful of the 21st century. As of the start of the club’s 2017 season, the group totaled over 200 on its membership rolls. This Pendleton club holds regularly meetings between October and May annually; these typically feature a luminary from the birding world and others speaking on ornithological topics plus a potluck dinner. Nice. This de facto pseudo Audubon Society for Umatilla County has also published a monthly newsletter since ’03.


OSU Bird Nerds

If you’re into birding and attending Oregon State University, you surely need no further prompting to get with the cleverly named OSU Bird Nerds – but anyone in the community can join the club as well. Drawing on the resources of the university, the Bird Nerds bring outsider speakers, go on field trips and host education seminars in bird identification and related topics regularly when school’s in session. And talk about your hands-on information you can use: Recent workshops hosted by the OSUBN have been on mist-netting and tree-climbing.


Combined with the city’s Audubon Society, the Bird Nerds make Corvallis a veritable birdwatching epicenter in America.

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